The imported intelligent frequency conversion AC motor has an insulation rating of Class F. It has passed the EU environmental protection ROHS and CE safety certification. It can run continuously for 24 hours. Maximum operating temperature up to 155°C, low current, long lifespan with no brush abrasion, zero maintenance, low noise, high torque, high output. 100% full copper core, frequency conversion energy saving, automatic input power according to the user’s weight, avoid unnecessary power consumption of DC, saving electricity more than 30%. Silent low noise, controlled at 65 dB, enjoy a quiet environment.


Display: High-resolution LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display, zero radiation, low power consumption, small heat dissipation, small size, accurate image restoration. It can simulate the curve of the training mode and the curve of the movement state. The exercise data is transmitted to the user for the first time while exercising. Synchronize displays time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate etc.

Plastic parts

.Plastic parts: It adopts imported ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, which is a kind of thermoplastic polymer environmental protection material with high strength, good toughness, and easy processing and molding. It has good overall performance, high impact strength, good flexibility, surface Chrome-plated paint treatment and can be recycled.


Shock Absorbing System

The shock absorbing pad is obtained from the rubber latex of rubber tree and rubber grass etc plants and produced to be flexible, insulating, impervious, and air-based material which is rich in elasticity. The buffered elastic suspension system can further reduce the impact of running on the joints, and the connection with the low noise system can create a more comfortable and quiet fitness environment.

Running deck

The surface has used imported smooth glass resin coating, high wear coefficient, low friction coefficient. High-density fiberboard with a density of 800 kg/m3. It is made of plant-wood fiber as the main raw material and produced by hot-grinding, paving, and hot-press forming processes, which can effectively prevent static electricity.

Running belt

The main component of the running belt is PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) material, which has superior heat resistance, toughness, ductility and wear resistance. The bottom layer of the belt is made of high-temperature, friction-resistant, low-noise, anti-static fabric. The running belt is divided into wear-resistant surface layer, sound insulation layer, shock-absorbing layer, sound insulation layer, compression layer and conductive layer. The durable running belt combined with the silent running board brings unparalleled smooth feeling to people.

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